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Workflex and Managers Guide – Setting You and Your Team up for Success

When Work Works
This resource provides an in-depth review of workplace flexibility targeted specifically towards managers to help them look into flexible work as an opportunity to support employees’ success. Likewise, it provides information on the benefits of flexible work for managers, identifying the workflex that works for them, implementing workflex plans, integrating workflex with team’s plans, managing workflex performance, as well as maintaining fairness when adopting workflex.

Recommendations for managing performance with workflex:

  • Metrics of work success: Establish clear measures of employee success using job descriptions as a guide and avoiding using physical presence as a form of performance.
  • Metrics of flex success: In addition to overall work metrics, create employee’s workflex expected outcomes to prevent burnout and ensure deliverables achievement.
  • No cannibalizing the success: Make sure that every position has consistent expectations regardless of workflex arrangements to avoid increasing someone’s workload because of it.
  • Communicate expectations: Make sure all employees know what is expected of them regardless of their work arrangements and communicate how updates and check-ins will be handled.
  • Accountability: Keep everyone accountable and reinforce people’s understanding of the responsibilities to be fulfilled to make workflex work.
  • Removing workflex is a poor punishment: This can add unnecessary stress and reduce employee performance. If needed, make adjustments to resolve poor performance.

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