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Why Gender Matters: A Resource Guide for Integrating Gender Considerations into Communities Work at Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto
This guide provides organizations in the mining industry with direction on how to foster inclusive engagement and development by incorporating gender considerations into their work; avoiding putting women and men, communities and projects at risk; and better achieving diversity goals. The guide includes four phases for integrating gender into community work and connects all phases through inclusive engagement considerations to make sure women and men from different social groups can participate in meaningful and impactful ways.

The four stages of Communities work are:

  1. Know and understand the gender roles and responsibilities and the differences in women’s and men’s access to resources. Integrate gender considerations into: social impact assessment, baseline communities’ assessment, and social risk assessment.
  2. Plan and implement, avoiding adverse impacts and maximizing benefits. Integrate gender considerations into policies at business unit level, communities’ strategy and plans, operational plans and communities’ work, and standard operating procedures.
  3. Monitor, evaluate, and improve through accurate and reliable data. Use gender-sensitive indicators, evaluate gendered outcomes, review performance, and improve projects and plans.
  4. Report and communicate gender performance internally (e.g. annual reviews of community’s program) and externally (e.g. local Sustainable Development reports) to encourage feedback.

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