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Target Setting Calculator

Workplace Gender Equality Agency (Australia)
The Australian WGEA created this target-setting calculator for organizations to test a range of propositions to enable setting realistic, achievable gender targets. The approach involves developing two possible scenarios: 1) assuming no significant changes happen in the organization, and 2) assuming changes happen that decrease female turnover and/or increase female recruitment.

The calculator is composed of four tables:

  1. Table 1 collects data to understand gender compositions and key assumptions for the target groups (in raw numbers).
  2. Table 2 is populated automatically based on the data entered in table 1. This table shows the assumption of turnover and recruitment remaining constant and helps see the key variables that will impact gender composition of the target group over time.
  3. Table 3 shows the baseline data and allows for adjusting three key variables:
    1. Variable 1: variation of overall staff numbers
    2. Variable 2: turnover of women in target group
    3. Variable 3: percentage of women recruited (internally and externally).
  4. Table 4 allows testing alternative propositions of aspirational and ambitious targets. It is important to note that setting any type of targets requires conducting a thorough analysis to understand the feasibility of any target.

Here you can find a complete guide and an example of the calculator, and here you can download the calculator.