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Strengthening Women's Rights Organizations Through International Assistance

MATCH International Women's Fund, Nobel Women's Initiative, Global Affairs Canada
This report is the summary of a workshop held by the MATCH International Women’s Fund and Nobel Women’s Initiative with support from Global Affairs Canada. The workshop discussed lessons learned on funding mechanisms, models, and approaches that effectively support women-led organizations and movements. This resource provides key learnings and recommendations that can help the private sector support women’s organizations and improve any existing relationships with those organizations.

  • Fund women’s organizations. Long-term, core funding is essential to enable women’s organizations to bring about social change. Seek out organizations committed to gender equality and women and girls’ empowerment.
  • Strengthen relationships. Long-term and meaningful relationships are key to advancing a women’s rights agenda. This requires ongoing dialogue and collaboration between donors, intermediaries and local activists.
  • Reduce administrative burden. Donors’ complex monitoring and evaluation frameworks, such as overly onerous results-based management requirements, end up squeezing out small organizations in favour of bigger non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that can recruit or pay for the expertise needed.
  • Intermediaries can help donors achieve impact and scale. Intermediaries such as women’s funds serve as a vital link to grassroots groups.

To read the full report, click here.