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Step by Step to Pay Equity – Mini-Kit

Ontario Pay Equity Commission
This kit sets out the basic steps for achieving pay equity under the Act for private sector employers. It is most suitable for employers who came into existence after January 1, 1988, or who were in existence on that date but had less than 100 employees. Employers who had 100 or more employees on December 31, 1987 are required to follow the steps set out in Part II of the Act. It is recommended that employers refer to the “Guide to Interpreting Ontario’s Pay Equity Act” for detailed information about the law’s requirements and to determine if Part II applies to you.

The kit provides a series of worksheets and templates to enable an organization to proceed through the various steps to comply with the requirements of the Act. The kit explains how to objectively collect information about jobs including employee interviews, employee questionnaires, job descriptions, desk audits, or any combination of the above. The kit also provides examples of how to evaluate jobs based on the criteria of skills, effort, responsibility, and working conditions in a gender-neutral way, how to do job comparisons using two prescribed methods, and how to adjust wages where required.

To access the kit, click here.