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Readiness Assessment – Is Your Organization Ready for a Strategic Approach to Flexibility?

Workplace Gender Equality Agency (Australia)
This toolkit provides the framework and practical guide to conducting a systematic diagnosis of “where are we now” – a key input to building your workplace flexibility strategy. Prior to developing your workplace flexibility strategy, it is recommended to undertake a readiness assessment. Specifically, this toolkit aims to:

  • Provide a comprehensive framework for organizational flexibility
  • Enable organizations to plot where they are on the flexibility roadmap
  • Help organizations conduct a flexibility assessment

The following are the capabilities to be assessed for determining the organization’s readiness:

  1. Leadership: Evaluate executive leadership’s commitment to flexibility.
  2. Business case: Determine the strength of the business case for flexibility in the organization.
  3. Flexibility vision, strategy, and policy: Determine what flexibility means for the organization and how to achieve such vision.
  4. Management capability: How managers directly impact their employees’ working arrangements.
  5. Employee experience: Understand employee’s risks and needs for implementing flexible work.
  6. Results management: How performance and productivity are measured, and transparency.
  7. Technology and infrastructure: Evaluate the needs for flexible work and implemented resources.
  8. Client and supplier experience: Analyze how flexible work can impact their expectations.
  9. Learning cycle: Understand the organization’s learning needs and potential difficulties.
  10. Change management: Assess the existence of change management resources within the organization.

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