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Meaningful Metrics for Diversity and Inclusion

Include Empower

This resource provides a series of steps to help organizations set, evaluate, and analyze meaningful diversity and inclusion progress.

There are nine steps in the series:

  1. Define which diversity dimensions you will monitor: Organizations can extend measurements beyond gender to other relevant metrics: such as race, ethnicity, and age.
  2. Review data policies: Ensure that data policies follow legal and ethical requirements.
  3. Select Metrics
    1. Identify bias blind spots: Representation, retention, recruitment, selection, promotion, development, pay and benefits, employee engagement, employee focus groups, etc.
    2. Track progress: Membership of ERGs, participation rates in formal mentoring programs or sponsorship schemes, participation rates in D&I training programs, etc.
    3. Measure return on investment: Revenue generated by new products or services, market share, cost savings, etc.
  4. Establish baseline measures: Use baseline measures to track impact/progress of an initiative by comparing results with the baseline measure.
  5. Set targets that are ambitious enough to encourage effort but realistic enough to avoid resistance.
  6. Assign responsibility and establish accountability at top levels (CEO, Board of Directors) through scorecards and other performance management tools.
  7. Track and analyze results: Have a formal plan for measuring progress and assign responsibility for reporting and responding to the findings.
  8. Report results and outline new initiatives: All results and rectification plans should be transparent internally for employee access and selected metrics should be disclosed externally.
  9. Review metrics regularly and change them as needed as the D&I program matures and business goals change.

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