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Manager Guide to Gender Diversity: Plan and Implement Successful Gender Diversity Projects

German Cooperation
This guide provides an overview of how companies can better tap into the female talent pool. It aims to inspire senior corporate leaders to introduce or expanding Gender Diversity Management within their companies. The guide is divided into four chapters:

  1. Gender Diversity—Concepts and Business Case serves to create a joint understanding about Gender Diversity Management and its business rationale.
  2. Gender Diversity Management—Processes and Actions provides an overview and selected examples of corporate activities to create a gender-inclusive work environment. For example, removing criteria that penalize employees for being absent due to family obligations; involve managers by demanding their approval of a gender diversity action plan; revising the recruitment process through incorporating a four-eye principle (two decision makers) and training those decision makers; ensuring safe transport for commuters through corporate buses, carpooling, or reimbursement for taxis during late night hours.
  3. Gender Diversity Projects—Analysis, Project Design and Implementation outlines step-by-step how to introduce Gender Diversity Management at a company. It also provides insights on how to analyze the status quo of gender diversity and how to design a gender diversity project tailored to a company’s needs. For instance, an analysis of corporate gender diversity metrics, of existing gender diversity practices, and of gender diversity achievements.
  4. Gender Diversity in Practice—Successful Cases illustrates with the help of best practice examples what Gender Diversity Management looks like in reality.


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