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List of Organizations that Support Gender Equality and Women and Girl's Empowerment

Various organizations
This list provides some examples of Canadian organizations that the private sector can support through funding or direct involvement in corporate social responsibility programs.

  • Canadian Women’s Foundation: This foundation has programs revolving around violence, poverty, girls’ empowerment, and inclusive leadership.
  • Girls Action Foundation: This foundation has local programs (Montreal), regional gatherings, national and multi-day training for young women’s leadership, national career day, and national day of action for girls and young women.
  • CARE: This organization works around the globe supporting women and girls through programs related to health and nutrition, food and farming, earning and saving, emergencies, and advocating for change.
  • Save the Children: This organization works around the world addressing child issues such as child early and forced marriage, sexual and gender-based violence, and gender equality in humanitarian settings.
  • SHEInnovates: This is a global program created by UN Women and the Global Innovation Coalition for Change.
  • Gender Equality Network Canada (Canadian Women’s Foundation)[1]: This national network of over 150 diverse women leaders across Canada addresses key issues in gender equality such as: gender-based violence, women in trades and STEM, women’s entrepreneurship, Indigenous women’s leadership, childcare, gendered impact poverty, and immigrant women.This webpage lists all the different leaders across Canada’s provinces and territories and can help your organization select civil society projects to support your gender equality outreach initiatives.