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How CEOs Can Put Gender Balance on the Agenda at Their Companies

Harvard Business Review
This article outlines “the facts, the feelings, and the framework” on how CEOs can lead the change to gender balanced teams in their organizations.

The topic of gender balance often elicits emotional reactions from both men and women. That’s why “gender bilingual” leaders are required. This Harvard Business Review article outlines “the facts, the feelings, and the framework” to lead the change, as follows:

The Facts

  1. Understand the big picture: CEOs need to understand why gender balance offers their company a competitive opportunity, not just pay the idea lip service.
  2. Know your numbers: Make sure your team accurately identifies your own company’s issues before you start trying to solve them.
  3. Learn how to distinguish between real differences and stereotypes: It requires education in gender issues and inclusive approaches that unite men and women rather than separate them.

The Feelings

  1. Set the tone: Measure and compare your executive team’s success in balancing their functions as a routine part of your staff meetings.
  2. Be inclusive: Model a skill with language that is inclusively neutral without falling into inauthentic political correctness.

The Framework

  • Make it strategic: Point out the strategic link to your future business goals regularly and repeatedly.
  • Make it personal: Recognize that everyone on your team has a personal and a professional life.

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