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Guide to Gender Pay Equity

Workplace Gender Equality Agency (Australia)
This document provides step-by-step guidance to understand the gender pay gap, identify gender-related pay gaps within your organization, and establish goals, strategies, and actions to improve gender pay equity.This guide acknowledges that organizations will be at different stages in the journey towards gender pay equity so the use of the steps will vary accordingly. Emphasis is placed on acknowledging that pay equity strategies should be developed in accordance with an overall gender equality strategy.
The steps in the guide are:

  1. Awareness and Understanding: Develop a basic understanding of key issues surrounding pay equity.
  2. Build a Business Case:Determine why pay equity is important for the organization.
  3. Gain Leadership Commitment: Secure buy-in from leadership to encourage them to evaluate and address pay equity issues.
  4. Data Analysis: Identify any gender pay gaps and investigate the causes.
  5. Strategy and Action:Build a clear set of goals and action plans.
  6. Review and Refine: Monitor and review pay equity continuously.


The steps in this guide resemble actions needed to address gender equality in the organization. Given that the gender pay gap is one of the biggest contributors to gender inequality, the need for taking these or similar steps is clear. Companies need to be aware that addressing gender inequality as a whole will not necessarily close the gender pay gap; this issue requires specific action.

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