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Getting to Equal 2020: The Hidden Value of Culture Makers

In this report, Accenture describes the importance of understanding how employees perceive the level of inclusivity within their organizations. The report states that there is a significant gap between what leaders think about workplace culture and what employees say is happening. Accenture suggests that leaders can become “culture makers” by building a more inclusive culture, recognizing the importance of culture and identifying change, and rewarding their people for working towards a more inclusive workplace culture. This report also includes a number of case studies that illustrate positive examples of how “culture makers” are making gender equality as important as financial growth, talent, and productivity.

Accenture identifies 40 factors that can help to influence advancement in workplace culture, organized into three pillars:

  1. Bold Leadership: Creating a culture of equality must be at the top of the business agenda which includes prioritizing culture, establishing a roadmap, and holding leaders accountable. Some of the factors in this pillar include:
    • Gender diversity is a priority for management
    • A diversity target or goal is shared outside the organization
    • The organization clearly states gender pay gap goals and ambitions
  2. Comprehensive Action: Policies and practices that support all employees through methods that should be varied, ongoing, and sensitive to all frequencies. Some of the factors in this pillar include:
    • Progress has been made in attracting, retaining, and progressing women
    • The company has a women’s network that is open to men
    • Men are encouraged to take parental leave
  3. Empowering Environment: Encourages trust, respect, creativity, flexibility, and freedom. Leaders can drive collaboration by connecting with others culture makers and co-creating solutions. Some of the factors in this pillar include:
    • Employees have never been asked to change their appearance to conform to company culture
    • Employees can work from home on a day when they have a personal commitment
    • Employees are comfortable reporting sex discrimination/sexual harassment incident(s)

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