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Gender Inclusion & Diversity Toolkit - WIM

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
This toolkit was written specifically for manufacturers in Canada and provides a set of practical tools to build awareness and engagement regarding gender inclusion and diversity.

The toolkit consists of the following seven tools:

  1. Tool #1: Starting the Conversation on Gender Inclusion and Diversity: This tool is meant to be used for leaders to facilitate a conversation with their team about diversity and inclusion. It includes a presentation with additional speaker notes and activities for breakout sessions.
  2. Tool #2: Inclusion & Diversity Roadmap: This tool consists of four roadmaps geared towards Employees, Human Resources Teams, Team Leaders, or Executive Teams. The roadmap outlines a visual representation of an inclusion and diversity learning path to map out steps towards goals.
  3. Tool #3: Respect in the Workplace Self-Assessment: This tool is a certification course offered by the Respect Group. It teaches respect in the workplace, the actions individuals can take to make a more inclusive workplace, and how to respond to inappropriate workplace behaviour.
  4. Tool #4: 10-Step Inclusivity Plan: This tool involves a 10-step plan that employees can follow to improve their understanding of the actions needed to create an inclusive workplace, and to encourage others to do so as well.
  5. Tool #5: Leader Guidebook for Men: This guide demonstrates how male champions can lead in gender inclusive behaviours, encourage others to do the same, and support female employees through sponsorship, among other best practices.
  6. Tool #6: Talent Management Guide: This guide outlines a variety of processes and practices that can be implemented by organizations to make their talent management more gender inclusive. It provides guidance for leaders and HR teams to attract and retain female talent in their organizations.
  7. Tool #7: Gender Inclusion & Diversity Roll-Out Plan: This plan describes how to implement the above six tools in your organization, including the objectives for each tool, the target audience for various communications, and draft email templates.

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