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Gender Equality Capacity Assessment Tool

UN Women
This UN Women’s assessment tool enables a business to assess employees’ understanding, knowledge, and skills regarding gender equality, women’s empowerment, and the organization’s gender architecture. This tool includes a general and customizable questionnaire that asks the respondent questions about their educational background, previous experiences in training for gender equality, their knowledge on gender equality and women’s empowerment, as well as their learning styles and needs. Although this tool is targeted for UN agencies, it remains a valuable resource for the private sector to utilize in evaluating a business’s baseline understanding of gender equality.

Guidelines to implement the Gender Equality Capacity Assessment Tool:

  1. Make sure everybody knows about the capacity assessment: Introduce objectives, methodology, and purpose of the assessment.
  2. Ensure institutional endorsement: Incorporate the assessment within organizational policy.
  3. Adapt and prepare the questionnaire to be completed: Adapt the questionnaire to meet the needs of your organization.
  4. Send the questionnaire to staff: Send the questionnaire with deadlines for completion.
  5. Follow up to completion: Send reminders and monitor response rates.
  6. Consolidating the results: Organize the results in a database.
  7. Analyze the results: Complement data with basic demographic data.
  8. Prepare the report: Develop a short and clear report that outlines ways forward and actions for a capacity development or training strategy.
  9. Disseminate the report: Share results of the assessment with all respondents.

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