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Equileap Gender Equality Indices

Equileap, leading organization providing data and insights on gender equality in the corporate sector, has designed several gender equality indices. These gender equality indices have gathered data on over 3,000 companies. Investment professionals can license this data to screen existing portfolios or create new products. The following Equileap indices have 19 measures that are grouped into four categories:

  1. Gender balance in leadership criteria: Non-executive board, executives, senior management, workforce, promotion and career development opportunities.
  2. Equal compensation and work life balance criteria: Fair remuneration, equal pay, parental leave, flexible work options.
  3. Policies promoting gender equality criteria: Training and career development, recruitment strategy, freedom from violence, abuse and sexual harassment, safety at work, human rights, social supply chain, supplier diversity, employee protection.
  4. Commitment to transparency and accountability criteria: Commitment to women’s empowerment, audit.

The following comprise Equileap’s Gender Equality Indices:

  • Solactive Equileap North American Gender Equality Index: Provides exposure to companies listed and domiciled in Canada that have demonstrated a commitment to gender diversity as part of their corporate responsibility strategy.
  • Solactive Equileap European Gender Equality 75 Index: Provides exposure to the top European companies that are leading the way in gender equality.
  • Morningstar Women’s Empowerment Index built with Equileap: Provides exposure to U.S companies that have incorporated gender diversity within their policies and corporate culture and ensure that all employees have equal opportunity.
  • Solactive Equileap Global Gender Equality Index Family: Tracks the top companies leading the way in gender equality internationally and with specific regional focus.
  • Solactive Equileap Global Gender Equality 100 Leaders Index: Tracks the top 100 companies leading the way in gender equality internationally.

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