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EDGE Certification

EDGE Strategy
The EDGE assessment methodology and certification was launched in 2011 by the EDGE Certified Foundation at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum. The Foundation’s commercial branch, EDGE Strategy, helps companies apply for certification.

Levels of Certification:

EDGE Assess – Recognizing Commitment

EDGE Move – Showcasing Progress

EDGE Lead – Celebrating Success

Assessment Criteria:

  • Gender Representation: Strong gender balance at all levels of the organization
  • Pay Equity: A statistically insignificant unexplained gender pay gap
  • Effective Policies & Practices: A solid framework of effective policies and practices to ensure equitable career flows for both women and men
  • Inclusive Culture: An inclusive culture as reflected in employees’ high ratings in terms of career development opportunities

EDGE offers certification for country and global levels as well as business units or lines. Organizations are eligible for a global certification if they first complete a country certification, and 80 percent of their global workforce meets the EDGE standards. The business unit certification is typically completed as a pilot test for an organization or as a result of the ambitions of the business unit’s leader.

Certification Process:

  1. Measure – complete an online assessment
  2. Benchmark – see where your organization stands against the EDGE Standard and peer organizations and use these results to form an action plan
  3. Get Certified – an independent audit reveals what certification your organization will achieve
  4. Communicate – display and publicize your results
  5. Take Action – implement the EDGE action plan and strategic roadmap, and stay connected to emerging best practices within the EDGE community

On average it takes three months for an organization to prepare for the third-party audit required to achieve EDGE certification. The EDGE certification relies on third-party assessments and regulations regarding parties’ interaction: the EDGE Certified Foundation created and owns the methodology, but does not work with the companies; EDGE Strategy has permission to use the methodology and works with the companies but does not interact with the Foundation or the auditors; the auditors are trained by the Foundation but do not influence the standards or interact with companies.

Recertification Process:

Certifications are valid for two years. If an organization opts to forgo recertification when the time comes, it is disqualified from recertifying after that point for two years. To receive an “Assess” ranking, an organization has to go through the evaluation process and commit to implement action to improve, but an organizations can only hold the “Assess” certification without progressing for six years.

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