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Diversity Primer - Communications and Marketing

Diversity Best Practice
This guide outlines why communication is integral when developing, implementing, and overseeing a diversity and inclusion program. To prevent these shortcomings, the guide provides recommendations on how to go about creating an effective communication plan.

A communications plan should consider the following:

  • Define need/opportunity: What are the aims of the communication plan?
  • Intended audiences: Who will read or view this message?
  • Goals and objectives: Recommended to define three to five objectives.
  • Define how to implement the plan: Include vehicles of communication, spokespersons, and timeline.
  • Challenges: Anticipate and devise potential solutions.
  • Budget: Anticipate and calculate costs as accurately as possible.
  • Measurement and evaluation: Numerical goals and impact assessment.

Communications plans should be devised and executed with the cooperation of multiple departments or persons. This guide recommends engaging the support of the following functions, including:

  • Internal Communications: Develop, design, and write internal materials.
  • External Communications: Create and edit press releases and manage media requests.
  • Marketing/ Consumer Products: Help develop ideas for articles, partnerships for collaboration, and advice on best practices for advertisements.
  • Legal: Review written materials on complicated topics to avoid risk and controversy.
  • Human Resources: Provide feedback on materials to ensure HR policies are not violated.
  • Employee Network GroupLeaders: Contribute to articles, provide story leads, and serve as resource or subject matter experts to represent the company internally and externally.

The guide also includes a diverse list of appropriate communications materials, including:

  1. Advertisement (in-house and external)
  2. Annual Report
  3. ERG Handbook
  4. Website (with database of diversity resources)

To read the guide in full, click here.