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Board Directors' Playbook

Canadian Gender & Good Governance Alliance
The Playbook provides information on common obstacles, the business case of gender diversity on boards, and tools for action in order to address this issue. The Playbook is a guideline for starting to address a Board of Director’s gender diversity.

The resource provides the following practical recommendations:

  1. Formal Board Evaluation Process: This process will help boards identify strengths and opportunities for improvement, as well as reveal current and future needs of the board.
  2. Term and Age Limits: Without vacancies, increasing the number of women on boards is difficult. Establishing a formal approach to board renewal will help find a balance between renewal of skills and perspectives and retaining long-term directors who still provide valuable contributions.
  3. Board Competency Matrix: Crafting the board competency matrix with skills and competencies that make directors effective could increase the pool of women candidates. Currently, markers are thought to be limited to résumé markers that are not reflective of boardroom effectiveness.
  4. Gender Diversity Policy: According to CGGA, adopting a Gender Diversity Policy improves the representation of women on boards regardless of company size.
  5. Board Member Recruitment: In order to avoid biased recruiting, broadening the search can help identify the best women candidates. Expand the scope by using board-ready lists, networking with industry peers and advisors, engaging a search firm, and maintaining an evergreen list of candidates.

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