To ensure the Blueprint for Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector project was accurate, relevant, and realistic for the Canadian private sector, the Global Compact Network Canada partnered with the following participating companies and advisory partners. Each statement below demonstrates the participating company or advisory partner’s commitment to advancing and showcasing gender equality leadership.

Participating Companies to the Project

Conversations on gender equity and the advancement of women have been a priority of ATB’s people strategy for some time – we were intentional in becoming involved with the Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector project. Although we still have work to do, the project has allowed us to learn so much more about the current state of gender equity and equality for women across Canada. We are now armed with tools, insights, and practical recommendations about how to advance the issues meaningfully and powerfully. We know we’ll reap the benefits of this project for years to come and create a more psychologically safe, inclusive, and diverse culture for current and future ATB team members.

Diversity and inclusion have been hallmarks of Baker McKenzie’s culture for decades. We also have a long history of working closely with the UN Global Compact and the GCNC, so this project felt like a natural fit. Our firm views gender equality not only as a women’s issue but also as a business issue that everyone must champion. We recognize the importance of pushing for gender equality for both our clients who expect it, and our people who deserve it. This project has enabled us to gain insight into the areas where we can further improve our efforts to realize our firm’s gender equality objectives and we value the opportunity to contribute to, and benefit from, the Blueprint.

Promoting and valuing diversity across the company is an integral part of BASF’s strategy and is also embedded in our corporate values. As a company that strives to eliminate barriers that our female colleagues could face in the workplace, getting involved in the Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector project was both a great opportunity and a natural step. BASF has set ambitious targets for the hiring and promotion of women, and we are excited to collaborate with the GCNC to further the conversation and create tangible action to support the inclusion and advancement of women in the Canadian private sector.

Blakes has a long history of supporting women in law and women professionals, and we are proud to remain at the forefront of this movement by joining this project. Throughout the years, we have not wavered in our determination to support gender equity and create opportunities for women within our firm and in law and business in general. Blakes is a better place, and our work lives are richer and more vibrant, because we recognize and celebrate the extraordinary leadership, dedication, and intellectual contributions of great women.

CAE joined the Gender Equality Leadership project because we are committed to actively building a company that is more open, progressive, and people-centric, and creating a workplace where all employees can feel accepted, included, and valued for who they are. CAE’s multi-year Diversity and Inclusion initiative is focused on fostering an inclusive, gender-diverse, bias-free environment and strengthening the representation and development of women in leadership positions.

Export Development Canada (EDC) joined the Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector project as a proponent and champion for gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. EDC believes that increasing diversity in the workplace and striving for equal representation is not only a responsible business practice, it’s also a best business practice as it provides a competitive advantage to those companies that embrace it. EDC worked on this project to help other organizations make similar progress because a more inclusive business ecosystem is also a more competitive one.

IKEA Canada is committed to taking a leading role in advancing gender equality in the workplace. We believe this blueprint will be a valuable tool for companies to commit to advance and measure gender equality in the workplace. The tool will promote diversity and inclusion and provide companies with valuable parameters to set goals and achieve gender balance throughout their organizations. We feel privileged to have been part of a team of other organizations that have taken on the responsibility to establish a blueprint for what gender equality should look like in Canada. IKEA strongly believes that equality is a human right and has committed globally to gender equality in all positions, equal opportunities and equal pay for equal value.

Nutrien is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion – in our own workforce, across our value chain, and in our communities – so we’re proud to partner with Global Compact Network Canada and the Department of Women and Gender Equality and the other participating companies on this project. The Blueprint has the potential to help employers across this country to make meaningful strides towards true gender equality.

At Riverside Natural Foods we truly believe that, as a private company with over 450 employees, we can make a difference in the world and be an agent of change. Achieving gender equality within our company, our country, and around the globe is critical to success and economic development for the future. Only when all employees are allowed to reach their full potential, participate fully based on their capabilities, and gain fair compensation for their work, will we all be successful. Participating in the Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector project helps us identify what we need to improve to achieve gender equality.

We are committed to ensuring that Scotiabank remains a diverse and inclusive workplace for the benefit of our employees, customers, and communities. While we are excited by the progress we have made, we understand that we will always have more work to do in this area. Inclusion is not a fixed destination, and we won’t ever “arrive.” Participating in the Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector project has provided opportunity for Scotiabank to help elevate the conversation around equality for women in the workplace and share best practices with like-minded organizations. This collaboration across sectors accelerates learning and fosters innovation, which helps us to collectively uncover new ways to advance women at work.

SNC-Lavalin created six regional Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) networks supporting our global D&I implementation. Each regional network has an executive sponsor to tailor the efforts to its respective local culture. We have seen an increase in the number of women in managerial senior, technical and professional roles over the past five years. We support the Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) and are a member/supporter of Catalyst, a global non-profit organization that works with companies around the world to accelerate women into leadership. We have online diversity training modules for all employees, and a one-day workshop tailored to senior leaders and managers.

Sodexo joined the Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector project because we believe in sharing best practices between enterprises to help each other. At Sodexo, greater diversity and inclusiveness are part of a cultural transformation that requires time and humility. We believe that gender balance fosters creativity and innovation, and ultimately drives better business results. When women reach their full potential, business and society are stronger and more successful.

Stantec is dedicated to helping women build confidence, expand their sphere of influence, and remove obstacles and biases with the ultimate goal of providing equal opportunity for their development and advancement. At Stantec, we create opportunity by inviting, embracing, and celebrating differences and work to promote an inclusive workplace for all. Stantec recognizes the need and responsibility to support the development of a robust gender equality framework from the GCNC project and is excited to create change – how we are recruiting, developing, promoting, and rewarding women in the Canadian private sector.

Starbucks is committed to gender equality as it aligns with our Mission and Values of creating a culture of warmth and belonging, challenging the status quo, and connecting with dignity and transparency. We are a leader in helping address complex social issues and gender equality is one of these challenges – it is a critical issue for our community and economy and requires those who can make a difference to mobilize and make an impact.

At TELUS, we honour women, individuality, and celebrate the diversity within our team, our company, and the communities where we live, work, and serve. To be a leader in diversity and inclusion and gender equality means ensuring that our amazing team reflects the diversity of our customers and communities at every level of the organization. TELUS is proud to participate in the Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector project. We are pleased that Leadership, Inclusion, and Transparency and Accountability are the key cornerstones of the Blueprint, as it offers a comprehensive framework to inform solutions aimed at removing systemic, cultural, and institutional barriers that must be addressed in order to achieve gender equality in the workplace.

Turner & Townsend is excited to participate in the Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector project. At Turner & Townsend, we have been on a journey to raise awareness of gender in the workplace and have held multiple events throughout Canada that have encouraged conversations about gender, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. Participation in this project for us is very important to share what we have learned, gain insights on emerging practices, and collaborate with peers that are committed to addressing wicked challenges and barriers for gender equality in the workplace.

Unilever Canada became involved with the Gender Equality Project to complement the work we are already doing to help build a fair and inclusive world. Unilever’s vision is that every woman and girl can define their own unique path, free from harmful norms and stereotypes. We believe a world where women are economically empowered will be a fairer, happier and more prosperous place to live for everybody – and that our business will flourish in it. By Unilever Canada sharing best practices and enablers, we aim to be a leading force alongside the UN Global Compact to help other Private Sector businesses make an inclusive workplace commonplace.

At the Vancouver Airport Authority (YVR), we actively demonstrate our commitment to achieving gender equality by engaging a diverse and inclusive workforce with ambitious employment equity targets. While YVR is proud of our achievements, we know there is more to do in achieving gender equality, which is why we joined the Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector project.

Williams Engineering’s commitment to diversity and equality goes beyond just words; it’s part of our core values that enables our organization to create an equal and inclusive environment that endeavours to discover the full potential of our people. We live out our values, and realize our full potential, when we commit to investing in women and remove barriers that prevent women from advancing in their careers. It is our responsibility to create and encourage a workplace where women are equally valued, empowered, and are provided with opportunities to grow and succeed.

Advisory Partners to the Project

A strong proponent for Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector, CAMSC welcomed the opportunity to participate in the Blueprint. Having seen the positive impacts of the implementation of gender equality in both the workplace and the Canadian economy at large, CAMSC supports and advocates for the use of the best practices, tools, and resources as detailed in this guide. Only as our business leadership moves closer to gender equality will we see a more productive, innovative, and strengthened economy as we utilize the full power of diversity.

Catalyst was a proud supporter and contributor to this project because we believe that true and lasting gender equality at work will only come from close collaboration between business, government, and the not-for-profit sectors. Catalyst’s work in research and capability building, combined with the day-to-day application of these tools inside Canadian workplaces and appropriate legislative change, will drive progress for women at all levels and across all sectors.

We strongly believe that the future of Canadian innovation is centred on diversity and equity and built on the mindset of connectivity of people, profits, and possibilities in business.  The Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector project proactively educates while highlighting how leaders can shift the business framework to foster inclusivity and increase women’s representation in leadership. Matrix360 is honoured to support as an Advisory Partner through the contribution of knowledge, guidance, and tangible solutions to move the conversation from talk to action.

The Women’s Empowerment Principles Secretariat at UN Women is pleased to support Global Compact Network Canada in developing the Blueprint for Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector. The Blueprint is a comprehensive resource to support gender equality in the workplace and encourages deeper commitments and actions through frameworks such as the Women’s Empowerment Principles.

WEConnect International’s mission is a simple one: connecting women-owned businesses with global value chains so that they can grow their businesses. Our work directly supports UN SDG 5 on achieving gender equality. Working with the GCNC has allowed us to collaborate and share our experience with other organizations, also dedicated to making substantive improvements in gender equality in the Canadian private sector. The Blueprint created within this project, from the perspective of the work we do every day, is necessary for achieving gender equality in the workplace in Canada. We are honoured to have participated, and we look forward to seeing the impact.